Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top 10 Contemporary Books

Summer always leaves me with wanting to read contemporary books with cutesy romance and real-life situations in them! So I thought it would be a great time to do a Top 10 list of contemporary books I've read! It would be hard to put them in a 1-10 order on favorite because I love all of these for different reasons, so, I am just going to list my top 10 in no particular order! (Titles have Goodreads links)

1. The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su & Kate Rorick
After watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and becoming obsessed with all the amazing characters they had developed from Pride and Prejudice, I was so excited to find out about this book! It dives deeper into the Bennet Family and adds more dimensions to the videos! Also I loved watching the videos alongside reading the entries and seeing what else happened during this time! Also reading Darcy's letter was very "Illuminating" as Darcy would say!

2. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
This book was so adorable and I loved the deeper message and tone it took on at the end. Plus it was just so addicting, literally didn't put it down the whole time i was reading it! Definitely a must read for the summer months!

3. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
This book is a cute book about a girl finding herself while visiting her dad at a small Oceanside town! This book is by far my favorite of Sarah Dessen's Books!!!

4. 13 Little Blue Envelopes Series by Maureen Johnson

These books are so cute and I loved seeing how the main character deals with each adventure the blue envelopes take her on! They are definitely great books to read during the summer or anytime.

5. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
My first taste of adult contemporary, and this book didn't disappoint! The main character Lincoln is so cute and I loved reading from his point of view. Plus it was interesting reading with the switches between normal and email formats! Plus Rainbow Rowell knows how to write amazing characters!

6. Anna and the French Kiss Companion Series by Stephine Perkins
There are two books out at the moment with the last one coming out in August! Let me tell you these books are like candy! I can't get enough of these books and read each of them in one sitting and am definitely going to reread them all over one "Ilsa ....." comes out! Love the characters, the stories, and how the books perfectly intertwine together! One of my top-top picks

7. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
This is by far one of the most relatable book I have ever read! Also this is my absolute favorite of Rainbow Rowell's books by far! it may partly have to do with reading it while going through my first year of college but seriously Cath and Levi are my favorite characters!!!

8. To All The Boys I've Loved Before Series by Jenny Han
I loved the relationships in this book! Whether it was between Lara Jean and the Peter or her with her sisters it just really flowed well and i loved how it turned out! Also I am counting down the days for the second book to come out!!

9. The Fault in our Stars by John Green
Now this doesn't fall under the cutesy, lovie-dovey contemporary but seriously this book needs to be read! The hype surrounding this book is not without warrant! I fell in love with this book and have reread it many times. Each time it amazes me with how great this book is!

10.Landline by Rainbow Rowell
This book was really interesting to read, while not my favorite Rainbow Rowell book it was still entertaining and kept me wanting more and i didn't set it down until i was finished! This i would have to say is the one that would push a lot of people out of their comfort zone because of it being an adult book and unlike attachments it is different and doesn't feel like a YA book but was very good I would definitely recommend it!

A Few Others I Like!
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

An Abundance of Katherines By John Green

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Haul!!

Today was a great day for me!!! I first went to Savers which is a place kind of like a goodwill but has tons of different items and found a ton of great books that look brand new for very cheap!!!

I got a couple of books for my little brother and little sister!!! So excited to see them this week since I am on Spring Break and am flying to Ohio Monday to see them and the rest of my immediate family!!!!!

I got the barbie book for me to read with my sister who is 4 to get her into reading some, plus I really think she will love this book!!! 
I got my 2 year old brother the little chick book because i thought he would want one also and would like it!!!

Also I found a couple of books that I saw and knew I just had to get!!

Got Water for Elephants because I saw it at Savers and have heard a bunch of people say how great that book was!!
 I also found 6 out of the 7 Kit American Girl books which is the American Girl doll I have so when I saw them there for pretty cheap i decided to get them to start my collection of them!!

I got this book because i have been wanting to read some classics and i thought this one would be cool to add to my collection!!!!
After going to Savers we went to Books-A-Million and I found two awesome books i can't wait to read!!!!
I have heard so many great things about this book !!!  Definitely one of my top picks in my TBR pile now that i own it!!!!!

Saw this book and got so excited because I've been hearing great things about this book also and I was looking for a contemporary that way I had a contemporary to read to break up all the fantasy I've been reading a lot lately!!
 Right now though I am rereading The Fault in Our Stars!!! Needed to Reread it for a class because I am using it in one of my papers and also wanted to reread it before the movie comes out!! This is such an amazing book and I am so glad to have gotten the new collectors edition from Barnes & Noble since I had only had it in ebook before!!!!!

If you have not read this book please read it!!! You will not regret it!! :) Plus then you can go and see the amazing movie that is coming out this summer , and already looks like a really great book to movie adaptation and I have heard nothing but great things from people who love the book and have seen it early!!! 

 Oh and I am also listening to An Abundance of Katherines on right not!!! On a John Green kick lol!

So far this book is hilarious and I am just in love with John Greens writing!!

 I plan to start Game of Thrones Soon, So read the series as I watch Season 4 of the TV show!!!

So excited to start this series!! I love the TV show so i can't imagine how amazing the books are!!!

Keep on Fangirling

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Long Time No Blog Again!!!

So this semester has been even worse then last semester had been with dealing with School and everything else going on in my life : / I still have been able to keep up with Teen Wolf and have been reading some amazing books :) I'm going to add a goodreads link to my page if any of you fellow Book lovers want to check out the awesome books I have been reading!

Teen Wolf this season had been amazing and I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode!!!! It looks fantastic and I can't wait for the Stydia feels!!! Dylan O'Brien has really stepped up has acting chops it feels like. I mean I knew he was an amazing actor but he just seems to have grown even more and it is so awesome to see on the show! Also I am excited to see The Maze Runner Preview tomorrow night during the teen wolf episode!!!

Book to movie adaptations have been going crazy lately I mean Divergent is coming out in less then a week, The fault in our stars is coming out this summer and I am so excited to see how these movies fair as adaptations go!!! Also I am in love with the Vampire Academy Movie cannot get myself enough Romitri and #WENEEDFROSTBITE!!

So i have been reading some amazing books like The Anna and the French Kiss Series, Starting the Infernal Devices Series & The Selection Series, Reading The Lunar Chronicles Series (which are amazing!!!), Fangirl, Vampire Academy Series, and the Vampire Academy spinoff series Bloodlines!!! Lets just say that if i have a free moment I am reading the amazing books i hear about from some amazing Booktubers like Priceiswong, Abookutopia, Polandbananasbooks, Cassjaytuck, Tashapolis, and so many more!!!

Booktubing is becoming something i have really grown to love even more and has pushed me to begin really reading way more then i ever did before! I would love to eventually start a channel once my life starts to slow down, once I am able to get into a schedule conducive to putting up a video once a week, and I become better at figuring out iMovie lol. I am planning on doing something like that this summer hopefully!

Be sure and if you would like a review of a book I named in this post or have a book you would like to recommend for me I would love to hear about them in the comments!!

Keep on Fangirling!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Been A While!

Hey everyone, so I have had a pretty crazy year! Got a first semester of college under my belt, been watching some amazing shows like :Castle, Teen Wolf, Downton Abbey, Sherlock; and became a member of an amazing sorority AST! Last semester was amazing to me and I hope that this semester will be nothing but amazing things! Got a huge course load for this semester but everything seems exciting! So glad though to be back blogging again! So let's get started on talking TV shows!

Ok so sherlock is premiering in the US at the end of this week and I can't be more excited! Even though I cheated a little and watched the episodes already with the help of tumblr, lol. I am really excited though to have them on my tv!

Downton Abbey looks amazing and last nights episode was crazy! The last few bits of it had my heart aching and crying! Those who have seen the episode will know what I mean!

I am sorry to say that with everything I am doing I have not seen the latest Castle but I do have to say when Ryan and Esposito were in the burning building my heart was pounding and I was screaming please get them out and the baby scene was so cute

Teen Wolf has had a great start to there season 3B! These past two episodes have been crazy awesome and intense! Stiles is more amazing then ever (but hey Dylan Is amazing and that's to be expected ;) ) and the whole cast has seemed to come into their own and this season seems the best one yet and can't see what it and wolf watch have in store!

So many good moves have came out in the last couple of months! Me and My sister are obsessed with frozen! Disney did amazing! The new Hobbit and Catching Fire were amazing movies and were so much fun to watch! Man if Steel was very good also. There have been so many good movies I have seen in the past couple of months since I blogged last there are too many to list lol!

YouTube has been something I have become addicted to also! Starting with Cassjaytuck up to the more recently found Shaytards and CTFxC, they have been amazing to watch over the long winter break and am so glad to have had such an amazing winter break!

Happy Fangirling

Thursday, August 15, 2013

CoB, Teen Wolf, TFiOS

Omg I am so ready for next week :) new teen wolf, city of bones comes out , and the 24th I'm going off to college :) so flipping excited I mean its gonna be great! But all the hype and utter excitement for the City of Bones movie makes me really happy and from what people who have seen the movie are saying and from what we have been shown makes the movie seem to be captivating those who have and haven't read the books and it seems to stay very true to the books! I AM DYING TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! I mean every interview I see and clip makes me so excited!!! Guys this movie looks so good! And the cast looks great :) this interview by Andrew Freunds on YouTube is hilarious and so funny :) and if this gives us any indication about how the bonds and characters will be in the movie I can already tell the movie is going to be great :)

 But lets not forget about the mid season finale of teen wolf on Monday! I mean this looks like an epic end to the summer part of the season :) I am so excited for Scott to finally become the true alpha but also I really hope there will be more Stydia moments in this episode :) I love their relationship but also the action sequences that we see parts of in the preview look epic :) Plus I cannot wait to see how they start off the episode after this Mondays cliffhanger that left me sobbing and pretty much in utter shock!!! 

I am reading right now three books that I started witch is the 4th TMI book ( but since I'm not that far in I may wait to keep reading and read TID series so I have the background for the new characters), Beautiful Creatures, and still working on The Perks of Being a WallFlower :) I have so many books I want to read I end up flip flopping back and forth between books sometimes :) 

I do though strongly recommend The Fault in Our Stars by John Green! It is such a heart wrenching book and is so beautifully written! Also I love how the subject of cancer is wrote about in the book :) am definitely going to be reading more of John greens books in the months to come :)

Keep on Fangirling

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Teen Wolf #AlphaPact

I just had to do a post after watching this episode of teen wolf!!!!! I mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok can I first of all say how perfect stiles and Lydia are!!!!! I know not everybody thinks that but I mean I just love them and their scenes together were amazing! I also loved the scenes between Scott, Stiles, and Allison's  parents down in the root cellar they were awesome :) loved how Scott stood up to the alphas! But I mean I am going to take a minute and say what was that ending dropping the bomb that even if this works it will leave a scare like a tattoo on the hearts and how Scott probably feels because of Allison and Isaac ...... I just. Plus right before they were going to semi die stiles has to drop the bomb to Scott as if he didn't have enough to worry about that his dad was back home I MEAN...... Oh teen wolf u have done it again going to be hyperventilating until the next episode (why oh why did they have to make this episode a two parter I mean ...... I need someone to hold me) So many Fangirl feels..... And on top of teen wolf you have the LA premiere of City of Bones and AAAAAHHHH so many things happened tonight well until next time!

Keep on Fangirling! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

So .......

I've decided this is gonna be a personal blog not just one for my book reviews :) I read a lot but just don't feel like I read enough to make it worth just doing books but I am going to starting this week at least once a week blog about something. Most often it will probably be about my life and talk about all the things i fangirl over :) (even more the next couple weeks with teen wolf coming to an end on the summer part of their season) With seeing how much my twitter (@EmmaFM95) is getting filled up with all these Fangirl tweets I figured this would be a good place to talk about it :) well so glad to finally be back to posting :) it's been way to long :) 

P.S. just bought Katy Perry's Roar and may I tell u it's gonna be on repeat 24/7 because this song it epic!!!!!! That is all :)

     (another side note can I just say how happy it makes me that we r in double digest for catching 
fire movie and SINGLE DIGETS FOR CITY OF BONES!!!!!!)