Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Been A While!

Hey everyone, so I have had a pretty crazy year! Got a first semester of college under my belt, been watching some amazing shows like :Castle, Teen Wolf, Downton Abbey, Sherlock; and became a member of an amazing sorority AST! Last semester was amazing to me and I hope that this semester will be nothing but amazing things! Got a huge course load for this semester but everything seems exciting! So glad though to be back blogging again! So let's get started on talking TV shows!

Ok so sherlock is premiering in the US at the end of this week and I can't be more excited! Even though I cheated a little and watched the episodes already with the help of tumblr, lol. I am really excited though to have them on my tv!

Downton Abbey looks amazing and last nights episode was crazy! The last few bits of it had my heart aching and crying! Those who have seen the episode will know what I mean!

I am sorry to say that with everything I am doing I have not seen the latest Castle but I do have to say when Ryan and Esposito were in the burning building my heart was pounding and I was screaming please get them out and the baby scene was so cute

Teen Wolf has had a great start to there season 3B! These past two episodes have been crazy awesome and intense! Stiles is more amazing then ever (but hey Dylan Is amazing and that's to be expected ;) ) and the whole cast has seemed to come into their own and this season seems the best one yet and can't see what it and wolf watch have in store!

So many good moves have came out in the last couple of months! Me and My sister are obsessed with frozen! Disney did amazing! The new Hobbit and Catching Fire were amazing movies and were so much fun to watch! Man if Steel was very good also. There have been so many good movies I have seen in the past couple of months since I blogged last there are too many to list lol!

YouTube has been something I have become addicted to also! Starting with Cassjaytuck up to the more recently found Shaytards and CTFxC, they have been amazing to watch over the long winter break and am so glad to have had such an amazing winter break!

Happy Fangirling