Sunday, March 16, 2014

Long Time No Blog Again!!!

So this semester has been even worse then last semester had been with dealing with School and everything else going on in my life : / I still have been able to keep up with Teen Wolf and have been reading some amazing books :) I'm going to add a goodreads link to my page if any of you fellow Book lovers want to check out the awesome books I have been reading!

Teen Wolf this season had been amazing and I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode!!!! It looks fantastic and I can't wait for the Stydia feels!!! Dylan O'Brien has really stepped up has acting chops it feels like. I mean I knew he was an amazing actor but he just seems to have grown even more and it is so awesome to see on the show! Also I am excited to see The Maze Runner Preview tomorrow night during the teen wolf episode!!!

Book to movie adaptations have been going crazy lately I mean Divergent is coming out in less then a week, The fault in our stars is coming out this summer and I am so excited to see how these movies fair as adaptations go!!! Also I am in love with the Vampire Academy Movie cannot get myself enough Romitri and #WENEEDFROSTBITE!!

So i have been reading some amazing books like The Anna and the French Kiss Series, Starting the Infernal Devices Series & The Selection Series, Reading The Lunar Chronicles Series (which are amazing!!!), Fangirl, Vampire Academy Series, and the Vampire Academy spinoff series Bloodlines!!! Lets just say that if i have a free moment I am reading the amazing books i hear about from some amazing Booktubers like Priceiswong, Abookutopia, Polandbananasbooks, Cassjaytuck, Tashapolis, and so many more!!!

Booktubing is becoming something i have really grown to love even more and has pushed me to begin really reading way more then i ever did before! I would love to eventually start a channel once my life starts to slow down, once I am able to get into a schedule conducive to putting up a video once a week, and I become better at figuring out iMovie lol. I am planning on doing something like that this summer hopefully!

Be sure and if you would like a review of a book I named in this post or have a book you would like to recommend for me I would love to hear about them in the comments!!

Keep on Fangirling!!

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