Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Haul!!

Today was a great day for me!!! I first went to Savers which is a place kind of like a goodwill but has tons of different items and found a ton of great books that look brand new for very cheap!!!

I got a couple of books for my little brother and little sister!!! So excited to see them this week since I am on Spring Break and am flying to Ohio Monday to see them and the rest of my immediate family!!!!!

I got the barbie book for me to read with my sister who is 4 to get her into reading some, plus I really think she will love this book!!! 
I got my 2 year old brother the little chick book because i thought he would want one also and would like it!!!

Also I found a couple of books that I saw and knew I just had to get!!

Got Water for Elephants because I saw it at Savers and have heard a bunch of people say how great that book was!!
 I also found 6 out of the 7 Kit American Girl books which is the American Girl doll I have so when I saw them there for pretty cheap i decided to get them to start my collection of them!!

I got this book because i have been wanting to read some classics and i thought this one would be cool to add to my collection!!!!
After going to Savers we went to Books-A-Million and I found two awesome books i can't wait to read!!!!
I have heard so many great things about this book !!!  Definitely one of my top picks in my TBR pile now that i own it!!!!!

Saw this book and got so excited because I've been hearing great things about this book also and I was looking for a contemporary that way I had a contemporary to read to break up all the fantasy I've been reading a lot lately!!
 Right now though I am rereading The Fault in Our Stars!!! Needed to Reread it for a class because I am using it in one of my papers and also wanted to reread it before the movie comes out!! This is such an amazing book and I am so glad to have gotten the new collectors edition from Barnes & Noble since I had only had it in ebook before!!!!!

If you have not read this book please read it!!! You will not regret it!! :) Plus then you can go and see the amazing movie that is coming out this summer , and already looks like a really great book to movie adaptation and I have heard nothing but great things from people who love the book and have seen it early!!! 

 Oh and I am also listening to An Abundance of Katherines on right not!!! On a John Green kick lol!

So far this book is hilarious and I am just in love with John Greens writing!!

 I plan to start Game of Thrones Soon, So read the series as I watch Season 4 of the TV show!!!

So excited to start this series!! I love the TV show so i can't imagine how amazing the books are!!!

Keep on Fangirling

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