Sunday, August 11, 2013

So .......

I've decided this is gonna be a personal blog not just one for my book reviews :) I read a lot but just don't feel like I read enough to make it worth just doing books but I am going to starting this week at least once a week blog about something. Most often it will probably be about my life and talk about all the things i fangirl over :) (even more the next couple weeks with teen wolf coming to an end on the summer part of their season) With seeing how much my twitter (@EmmaFM95) is getting filled up with all these Fangirl tweets I figured this would be a good place to talk about it :) well so glad to finally be back to posting :) it's been way to long :) 

P.S. just bought Katy Perry's Roar and may I tell u it's gonna be on repeat 24/7 because this song it epic!!!!!! That is all :)

     (another side note can I just say how happy it makes me that we r in double digest for catching 
fire movie and SINGLE DIGETS FOR CITY OF BONES!!!!!!)

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